The Mentorship that Never Ends!

If you want to gain some extra knowledge, find some insight and feel inspired, or want to whole nine yards with a full day of hands on learning this is the spot for you! Also, we're gonna be best friends too. My mentorships don't just stop at the end of the day! I am here for you for the long term to answer questions, give suggestions, bounce ideas off of and just do girl things like drink margaritas and talk about how editing is a never ending struggle! I'm here for it!


Along with branding packages, I feel it is important to grab some content of yourself or your products to complete the visuals! There are a variety of collections that I offer with your branding services to tie it all in a nice bow for your socials and your website! 



Choose through three different collections to curate your mentorship with your exact needs in mind. We can have a simple zoom call, a more in depth in person meeting to go over basics or pin point you pain point, or have a FULL shoot and entire day of learning! We for sure will be best friends after it!

I love to show others all the things I've learned during my 14 year career as a photographer! Let me help spare you the mistakes I made, and navigate your business with quicker success!

My full day mentor sessions offer you some creative portraits to jumpstart your business and showcase yourself and brand! But you can also choose a branding shoot separately if you want something a little more detailed and catered to you! One of the best (and fun) things you can do for your blooming business is get content OF YOU!


  1. Schedule a consult for your branding and discover your voice with a FREE logo design!
  2. Grab some content of YOU with a branding shoot to annouce and share with the world!
  3. Turn your passion in your expertise with a mentorship!



Enjoy all the FREEBIES as well as some extra add ons with any mentorship to get you ready to book more shoots! 


  1. Lighting Guide for reference and continued help on your journey (it also comes with styling and posing tips)
  2. CUSTOM pricing guide that is made from scratch, catered to your new brand! 
  3. Logo Design for all your marketing materials for a great first impression!


"Mentoring with Dani really gave me the confidence and a life long friend to lean on. I have made my goal for bookings this year, and it's not even March! She will not only give you all the things she's learned, but she will forever be in your corner. To me, that is where the value is!"

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