Untraditional Poses for Badass Couples

There is one major thing you should know before diving into untraditional poses! Not everyone digs it, and that is okay! If you are like me, and love all things moody and dark then this is totally for you! I’ve been building my brand for almost 10 years now, and slowly but surely letting the darker parts come out. Through a lot of positive self talk, personal experience, and an incredible community, I have given myself the permission to get weird with you. There, I’ve said it. There was so much momentum for my business during 2019,  I’m hoping to take new steps and leaps for 2020 too!  Have some faith, and feel confident in my ability to bring out your inner cool kid! Anyone who thinks they aren’t photogenic, or awkward just needs to trust their inner weirdo…and me. Here are my 2020 top untraditional poses for my badass couples!

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Wether you are a photographer or looking to have a unique session, I hope these ideas and tips help you discover something new with what ever direction you take! For booking info fill out an inquiry.  Just want to say HI and follow my crazy life? Head over to my IG! I have WAY MORE PHOTOS and lots of videos of my kids dancing like monkeys. I like to think I’m funny, but I’ll let you be the judge. Check out my Pinterest for more untraditional poses for badass couples!

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