Relationships and Memories

Hello friends! Welcome to my first official blog post about my truth in building relationships and making memories!

I will start off by saying I’ve tried to blog about 15 times in my life so here’s to hoping it sticks this time!

To me this is so much more than getting clients and shooting your stories. It has become so important to me to build relationships and  be apart of those memories too. I really want to push myself out of my comfort zone as much as I can, and experience more this year. My goals are to travel more and meet new people both in and out of the industry. So far I’ve built something I can be proud of, but I still struggle on the business end from time to time. This year will be the year of change and REAL growth for me, I hope you’re down for the ride!

I’ve come to realize just how much blogging helps grow that aspect of a business! On top of that, I’ve always had a hard time posting when I felt like I had little to say.  I literally cringe thinking about flooding anyones feed with 20 posts a day just to stay relevant. With that being said,  I feel confident that I can keep this up without annoying you!

I hope you jump on this wagon with me, and let me into your lives a little while I open up mine. This is me, Dani, want to be friends?

Check out my instagram for stories about my life! If you want to know more about shooting with me don’t hesitate to send me a note!




Stay tuned for the next blog, because it will happen…there will be one even if I have to say it in the mirror every night. What is something that you struggle to be consistent at and wish you could!? Let’s say it together, I GOT THIS!


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  1. Marie says:

    Hi Dani! I’m excited that you are pushing yourself more this year! For me, I’ve always struggled with time management! I have so much that I want to do, but never enough time to make it all happen. I feel like sometimes I’m just watching the time pass while I just stand there. I’m working on it, you’re not alone in inconsistency struggles!

    • Dani M. says:

      Thanks SO much Marie for taking the time to reply to my question! I hear you on time management, I have two little ones who make it a constant battle to find computer/work time. That’s something I will definitely be covering on in the future! Hope is not lost!