Valentines Day Girls Party

It’s a day for love! I threw my first (hopefully annual) Valentines Day Party for all my girly clients!

I’ve also been able to use my creativity to create visuals for my clients each year. Each holiday has it’s own unique elements that I play off of too. It has become increasingly harder to “top” past events because each year has been a new level of success and beauty. I decided to do an exclusive Valentines day girls party for some of my best clients. Needless to say, it was a hit!

First, we had fun playing games! Of course there was so much laughter and giggling because little kids are hilarious! Then we spent a good portion of time eating goodies. What is a Valentines Day party without them? To top the day off, I took all the attendees portraits in front of the balloons! I chose to do an all girls theme for this years Valentines day party so I could be REALLY girly.  I hope you feel all the happiness and joy in these photos because it was truly the best time!

My dad made me a table to use because he’s always bring my vision to life. He’s so good in so many ways, but mostly just super talented in the building whatever I come up with in my head that day!

Thank you Sawyer, Skylar, Keola, Leigha, Emma, and Ry for celebrating this Valentines Day Girls Party with me, as well as all the friends and vendors that helped bring my vision to a reality!

If you want to get in on the next event, send me a note and I can make sure you get put on the waiting list! In reality, I’d love for everyone to be able to come, however, these will be exclusive parties that I throw for my clients and space will be limited!

Rentals: Charming Treasures Event Rental

Florals and Balloon Garland: Red Door Florist

Desserts: Sassy Sweets by Renee

Styling: Jade Magnolia








Share with me what your favorite memory of Valentines Day is, or what you love about this holiday in the comments, I’d LOVE to hear your stories!

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  1. Victoria says:

    You’re brilliant Dani! Such a gem ?