Sunsets and Lovers: Hailey + Chad

Have you guys ever had your mind blown? That was me yesterday during this sunset session between these two lovers, Hailey and Chad.

This year I’ve been focused on education, workflow, brand, and posing between lovers (aka NOT posing). I am still actively shooting, but taking on less and working on building my skills more. Every shoot I learn something new, and I wanted to keep that momentum going so I started with this Sunsets and Lovers shoot with Hailey and Chad! I’ve spent a lot of hours at online workshops, and next week the first IN REAL LIFE workshop life is about to hit!

I couldn’t wait to get the ball rolling!

I dove in and took India Earl’s online workshop! Her insight, and tips on posing is SO SIMPLE yet so powerful it blew my mind. Immediately after watching I texted a million friends to model for me so that I could start putting all this new knowledge to action. Hailey was first! She has let me photograph her and her family for a while now, and she was down to have fun in a field with her man.

We went out the NEXT day, and here is the result. Aren’t sunsets and lovers just your favorite?

I’m so happy with these I narrowed it down to 120 images.  So many times I leave a shoot feeling like I didn’t get enough! Even though I always surprise myself, this time was just different. I felt it DURING the session.

While I have photographed Hailey and Chad a lot, they are in the best place in their relationship today!  They just added a new baby to the family two months ago, and their emotion and playfulness was shining through the whole time. I went back to our first shoot together and was just in awe. We’ve both come so far, and I’m calling this first practice sessions a success! This is the first of many shoots to come, so get ready!

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  1. Keri says:

    Amazing work Dani! Congratulations on all your goals and accomplishments. It’s inspiring to watch thank you for sharing with us.