Artisan Atelier Las Vegas

The Artisan Atelier in Las Vegas is an approach that is very intentional and precise in the wedding photography industry.

I signed up for the Artisan Atelier workshop in Las Vegas and hosted by the incredible Paul Vonrieter, and designed by the inspiring Carrie, from Type A Society! It was SO OUT OF MY ELEMENT but I got so much great content to share! Please make sure you make to the end to see all the AMAZING vendors that helped put this together!

I’m not a film photographer! In fact, I am definitely a fan of warm, dark, and moody tones in my work which is SO different than most of the attendees at the workshop. So this was definitely new! But something pulled me to attend this event so unlike my own personal style to challenge myself this year. After all, it’s about experiences right? Not sure if that’s the smart way to figure out who you are, but who doesn’t love pretty things? I was sure it would benefit me in some way!

Sometimes we need to step outside the box to test ourselves!

Designing and styling have alway been a passion of mine, so it peeked my interest! I’m not the best on decision making, if you know me, you know I changed my logo like a million times over the course of 5+ years. Sticking with one idea is hard for me. I love so many different styles and types of photography it has not been easy. When I saw an opportunity to try something new, I took it. Even if I was terrified…

I started photography doing conceptual, and fashion photography, so it was great to see some real pros at work!

From the start it felt like I was on a set for a fashion magazine for brides! I’ve always leaned towards mountain tops and small weddings where details are more specific to the moments, but there is this whole other world of wedding photography that is SO GRAND! Along with all these creative photographers who manifest the moments themselves for their couples in the end it’s just like magic!

You can really feel the passion Paul has for his craft in his energy, his jokes, and his genuine talent for connecting with people.

Paul’s talent is so obvious! Especially watching him work and sharing his knowledge with us on how he creates was just fantastic. Everything he does at a shoot is intentional and deliberate, and it’s inspiring to see someone know exactly what they want out of a shoot, and then how to work with clients to achieve it. I’m over here redoing my logo for the fifth time… just kidding, I promise I’m not…

I think the main thing I took away was the importance of nurturing relationships in this industry! It’s something I learned at the Artisan Atelier workshop in Las Vegas.

While I consider myself friendly and interested in connections, but I still have doubts and self confidence issues in myself at times. Not to mention when surrounded by like minded creatives I tend to be quiet because it’s intimidating too. It was a good first step and as a result I met some really talented and kind people I hope to see again, and I feel good about where my business is going.

Ultimately, here is some of the beauty I got to capture! Thank you so much to Paul, Carrie, and ALL the amazing vendors that helped bring us this Artisan Atelier Las Vegas workshop! It was an experience I won’t soon forget! Please leave comments below, I always love feedback! ALSO, if you want to find out more regarding my package prices for shoots and weddings just send me a note! I’m always available for a chat, particularly about your visions for your own events!

















Host – Paul Vonrieter @paulvonrieter

Art Direction – Carrie Moe  @type_a_society

Floral – Oak and the Owl @oakandtheowl

Dresses – @carolhannahbridal @clairepettibone @oscardelarenta pulled from @jinwangbride @adamzoharbridal

Garters – @mamieandjames

Rings – @susiesaltzman

Mensware – @friartux

Shoes – @bellabelleshoes

Art mats and backdrops – @jrd_artshop

Ring boxes – @the_mrs_box  @essellesf

Cake – Rolling in Dough Bakery @rollingindoughbakerylv

Chairs – @adorefolklore

Hair Pieces – @erikaelizabethprettythings

Invitations – @paperbirchdesigns @emilyclarkeevents

MUA – @vonnievega

Hair –  @christal_lives_in_color

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  1. Liz says:

    So freakin beautiful!

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