Seventies Inspired Fresno Engagement


I feel like I’ve been in a daze with all the stuff going on, and I’m so shocked I haven’t shared this seventies inspired engagement we did in downtown Fresno yet! Thanks for being patient with me!

A few weeks ago I had some friends play dress up with me. I styled them, found a cool car, and conjured some major 70s vibes! This era has my heart! It was definitely a crazy time, but the style, the furniture, the passion, was just enough for me. Everything I do has hints of it, and I don’t even hate it.

I had this idea to do an engagement shoot that had some intentional attitude, and Der and Amanda were the most perfect couple to bring it to life.  Amanda just gets me, and is always so fun to work with. Not to mention, she has the best style! Getting to collaborate on that end was a lot of fun back and forth!

The car was the perfect touch too! Thanks to my friend Lela for letting us borrow her vintage beauty!

First, we started at this old garage in Downtown Fresno and were able to stay around that location for the most part because of the character and the vibes. Also, it was kind of hard to move the car around to much because downtown Fresno can get busy quick! It worked out great though, and we got more than enough content to accomplish my vision. I’ve always been inspired by the seventies style and I wanted to incorporate that in an engagement session in downtown Fresno! We worked for weeks to put this together because planning takes time! It’s really exciting to see it come to life!

Thanks to these beautiful people for letting me take your photos and being down for anything, and to @alyssadesigns for hair and makeup, it looked killer!

If you have an idea for your engagement, LITERALLY ANYTHING, I’m down to chat about it! Send me a note on your vision and lets bring it to life! I love romantic sessions with an edge, so if thats you lets work together! ALSO, if you want to learn how to be considered for modeling for me follow my instagram for all that info that comes in my stories!


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