EVOLVE Photography + Community Building Workshop in Palm Springs, CA

When I signed up for the EVOLVE Photography + Community Building Workshop in Palm Springs I was SUPER nervous about fitting into the community!  I told myself this year would be about the experience, so being scared wasn’t an option. Little did I know how much I would take from my experience to fuel my business!

I immediately went to social media to get some friends to come with, and with some help from Kortni + Jamie I connected with  Rachel + May, and Bridgette! Seriously go check out their work, you won’t be disappointed!  These girls were such fun to get to know, laugh with, and learn from. We got so lucky to have found each other because of this event. 


The Evolve workshop in Palm Springs, CA was my first BIG workshop, and I took so much away. One I was traveling to be at, getting out my little pond, and I can easily say it changed my life and business. 

Being in such a seemingly saturated industry, it is so easy to feel defeated or have self doubt. And Evolve is SO MUCH MORE THAN A WORKSHOP, it’s a community. It was exactly what I needed. This year I told myself I was going to say yes to things, and not let fear not dictate any of my decisions. I’ve never traveled more, met more people, put myself out more than I have in the past 6 months of 2019. 

When it all started there was no time wasted! We made sure to get to the front row just ready to stay learning. We heard from so many amazing creative people on that first time my head is still spinning from all the content thrown at us! So many “aha” moments, or times where I’d look at Rachel and she knew exactly what I was thinking because it was blowing all of our minds. We had a social night with tacos and beer that gave us a chance to interact with everyone. Honestly, that still intimates me, but I’m working on it. I’m glad the girls I was with were SOOO outgoing it helped me. However, I’m still working on that.

The first day at Evolve was also filled with so much it was insane! So many great speakers with amazing businesses and talent. Then all of us that signed up for shoots headed out! 

If you guys don’t know or follow In Frames Photography, you need to. Morgan is a woman of authentic bad ass grace! She was so welcoming, eager to let us all take the ropes and go for it. She let us lead, helped us, offered guidance on posing, talked about how she approaches things, all while constantly making us laugh and feel comfortable. I’ve always followed her work, because I admired how fearless and raw her imagery was. Needless to say it was really easy to pick her styled shoot to photograph! She’s unapologetic, confident, and always had a smile on her face. I loved every second of it. Here’s some of that work!



The second day was again packed with lots of great speakers and knowledge was for sure thrown! We had all settled in a little bit more, eager and it was truly the day something shifted for me. 

Kaley, Morgan, and Brooke all presented. Three photographs that I had admired for what feels like my whole life, gave their us presentations, philosophies, experiences, and knowledge. All so very different, with a common theme of capturing honest, authentic, real life moments. Their work speaks for itself, and these women are forces.

I was so emotional on this day, and even felt a little silly being in the front row trying to stop the tears as Kaley from Kansas presented because something about her messages resonated ten fold with the way I see the world and view photography. I actually felt compelled to thank her and meet her more than ever after that. And the day I got back form the workshop, I connected with her again and booked a mentorship for the fall. It’s going to be the highlight of my year, I can feel it. 

When I signed up for the EVOLVE Photography + Community Building Workshop in Palm Springs it was hard to choose from the styled shoot options.

I felt like I had to choose the photographers that I felt most inspired or connected to in style and content. I decided to shoot with Brooke. The choice wasn’t too hard, the women has talent oozing from her fingertips. Meeting her was on my list of to do’s! I’m not even kidding. She’s always found such beauty in the chaotic moments that I needed to take a peek into her process because they are truly her own.

She gave us permission to get weird, and that photographing things as you see them is what it’s all about. It’s just the evolution of our own creativity and visions that will set us apart. Her tips and tricks were really beneficial to me. I find myself still referring back! OH! Also, all the girls at this shoot helped each other, rooted for each other, and were so respectful of each other it was just a great experience! Our models WERE KILLER, just look! 

This workshop was everything to me, I feel like I found a voice and discovered some new things about my business and style that really changed me on so many levels. I can’t thank everyone enough for allowing us into your businesses and teaching us all the things! I am forever grateful, and so appreciative. 

Aside from attending workshops, retreats, and conferences, I also hold my own styled shoot outs, called SHOOT THE SHIT! If you want to learn more about those please send me an inquiry! I look for vendors to collaborate with, and photographers of all levels are welcome to attend, eat, and get some great content to build their portfolios!


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