Fresno Downtown Club Wedding

The Downtown club in Fresno was the absolute perfect wedding venue for Ana and Jeremy. It was so urban, fun, and romantic! I can’t imagine a better venue!

There are just not enough words to describe my love for this family! Ana first contacted me to do some family photos for her family back in July, and I have to tell you…it was one of the BEST family sessions ever! It wasn’t even about how much photos we got, but so much about how amazing her kids are! I was blown away with how well behaved, funny, and kind they were with me and with each other. You expect so much different going into a shoot with 5 kids all so close in age, but it was truly a joy. They ended it with a group hug for me, and that sealed the deal! I was hooked on this family! When they asked me to shoot the wedding at the Downtown Club in Fresno, I was completely in!

First came the engagement, which I’ve wanted to share for a while! It was such a blast to work with them on this non traditional style! They wanted to do something more sexy, and with the help of the Tower House, we pulled off something epic!

Ana and Jeremy were such naturals, even though it can be kind of intimidating to get half naked and love on each other like it’s a typical Tuesday! I was really impressed with their ability to have so much confidence in their love for each other that they shared it with me so openly! PROPS!


I had one of my best friends shooting with me, and there was just so much love around it was a dream to capture! The sky threatened rain all day, but it only drizzled a little, luckily! The Downtown Club is nestled in such a rad location with so much character in the buildings nearby. Needless to say we had so much to work with! The reception was my favorite! They danced the night away with all their favorite people, and had my smiling form ear to ear the whole time!

It was such a fun experience, with the best vendors too! Charming Treasures Event Rentals killed it on the ambiance with their vintage rentals! They fit in seamlessly with the esthetic of the venue! Working with Barbie is one of my favorite things! We have done so many shoots together since first meeting! Now we are crossing paths with actual weddings, which I find super cool! If you have a need for rentals at your next event, you should give her a call! She’s the easiest person to work with, so accommodating, hard working, and sweet! You won’t regret it, she always goes above and beyond for her clients. GO DO IT NOW!

Vanessa took some film shots of what was happening too! It was exciting to see it developed in her dark room! Especially since she it is all done from scratch! Darkroom development by hand is a lost art that needs to make its comeback. It will be such a beneficial thing to add to her business! I’m lucky she helps with my weddings! Thanks girl, you rock my socks off…in the metaphorical sense because that would be weird. However, we are weird so that would make sense to us. HA!

Thanks to both of them for allowing me into their lives in such a big way! From family shoots, to engagement, then wedding, it was all such a dream to be a part of it all!

Check out the Downtown Club and everything that they offer! It was an incredible venue.  It’s also a restaurant on the daily, and the food was amazing, just FYI! Also, if you are interested in learning more about my package pricing for weddings, send me a note! 2020 is filling up fast!


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