Blossom Trail California Engagement

The blossom trail in Fresno California is such a beautiful spot for engagement photos! Check it out!

There is so much to do aside from climbing the trees, and it’s somewhat secluded too! I had the pleasure of meeting Alex and Elizabeth when they initiated a consultation with me back in the fall! They knew they wanted something that represented Fresno, California and a blossom trail engagement session felt right! Not to mention what a beautiful scene it is! Elizabeth is from the east coast, so they plan on getting married back home where most of her family is. This way they got some of the west coast scenery in their story!

Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity when we talked!

When we met for the shoot it was super overcast! However, I think that was so beautiful with their wardrobe and softened the whole orchard! In a way, it was also representative of their personalities. Both were so soft spoken and kind that the whole session just ended up being perfect. Also, it rained for weeks this year so getting this shoot done in time was a blessing! Every year the times and dates change when these blooms grace us with their presence! Last year there it got so cold that some of the crops froze! It was quite destructive! It’s always good to be mindful that this is someones property, and always be respectful.

The blossoms are something that I shoot every year! I often offer mini session events for families, kids, and seniors as well. It was fun to play and twirl with a couples shoot though! The city even holds contests at the fair and such for what photographers can capture on the trails. I’m thinking next year I want to enter! For as much as I do with these trees it’s funny that it has taken so long to feel confident in submitting something! That time has come for sure!

Thank you Alex and Elizabeth for allowing me to capture such a fun time! The experience was great, and I hope they enjoy looking at these for years to come! Congrats on the engagement!

The blossom trail in Fresno, California typically runs from mid February until early March! Those times vary from year to year and also remember that I book fast and that time frame goes quick! So, send me a note and get in for next years annual bloom!

ALSO PSA, if you’re going to be doing a shoot in the blossoms please make sure to get permission! It’s so important to let the farmers know you will be shooting on their property! That way you won’t run into any problems legally OR physically if someone wants to shoo you away with their shot guns! (Not sure if thats a thing anymore, but farmers gotta protect their property!) Each year there is more discussion on the topic. Farmers are becoming less willing but because it’s part of a city wide tourist event, they also understand and I’ve never run into an issue. It’s just a really good practice to get into because it’s not public property, therefore you shouldn’t treat it as such. Please be respectful first! THEN enjoy the beauty!


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