Western Inspired Family Photos: Lapsley

It was just an honor to capture the Lapsley’s western inspired family photos and Eleanors ONE YEAR MILESTONE!

Derek is someone I’ve always admired as a photographer here in the Central Valley! His style and creativity are so unique to Fresno that I’ve always been inspired. In addition to being a bad ass photographer, the entire Lapsley family made me feel so welcomed too! Their western inspired family photos were one for the books!

I was, without a doubt,  SO NERVOUS! But above everything, it’s always a pleasure to capture authentic joy and see real connections between people. So, it was more fun than anything else. Not to mention this idea to take photos in his dad’s mini western town that he BUILT FROM SCRATCH was just icing on the cake. Eleanor was such a gem! She had us cracking up, then in awe of her at the drop of a hat. Despite my nerves, I felt certain that we would hit this out of the park because when you have subjects who truly are unapologetic about showing love to each other, everything else just falls into place.

Thank you Stephanie and Derek for trusting me to capture your memories as well as letting me see a little piece of your lives! It was a blast!

If you want to send me a note about special places/locations that mean something your family, please do! Family photos should be so much more than a pretty picture because in reality life can be chaotic and stressful. Not to mention most of our daily routines aren’t really that picturesque. I’d love to do more sessions outside of trees and green grass that represent new family stories in beautiful or messy ways! Embrace the chaos people, lifestyle photography is here in a big way!


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  1. Dani, we cannot thank you enough for spending some time with us to capture our little family. We truly cherish these beautiful photographs you’ve created and will for decades to come. Keep up the wonderful work and I always look forward to seeing your next post on Instagram!